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A peaceful and safe stay


It is nice to be free to move and travel again, but it is even more exciting if we can do it safely. A peaceful and safe stay is just what we want to guarantee to our guests. For this reason, at Eurorest Hotel we strictly respect health and safety guidelines by adopting all preventive measures to protect our guests and employees.

Some of the measures we have put in place:

  • Online check-in to limit interaction with reception staff.
  • Online breakfast menu to limit interaction with dining room staff with the possibility of having breakfast in the room.
  • The reception, the hall, the corridors, the toilets and the other common areas of the hotel are sanitized in line with the protocols, the products and the recommended health frequency.
  • For the sanitization of rooms, we use highly effective cleaning products on all surfaces, objects and furnishings.
  • An additional guarantee of sanitation of the structure, including the rooms, is guaranteed by the use of an ozone sanitizer.
  • Sanitization of the entire air conditioning system of the premises by means of a nebulizer with the Rely + On Virkon disinfectant, registered as Medical Surgery Unit n. 16765 at the Ministry of Health. It acts at a high level against bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds in a short time of action.
  • We follow all the protocols that ensure the social distancing required when interacting with others.
  • Safety signs: we have created special signs in all common areas to remind everyone the need to maintain safety distances
  • The furnishings have been repositioned, in line with the new legislation, to facilitate the social distancing of guests
  • Sanitation for guests: columns with sanitizing gel dispensers have been positioned at various points in the structure
  • Employee protection – all hotel employees have access to the equipment necessary to carry out their work with maximum health guarantees
  • The RSPP has instructed employees on the procedures necessary for the protection of other employees, guests and suppliers
  • All suppliers entering the hotel must take the required security measures

Where we are

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31015 Conegliano TREVISO


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